I can imagine participating in Piazza Paradiso: Rave New World within the current conditions would feel absolutely special. The notions of the urgency of dance, thinking together collectiveness, the politics of rave feel very close to me. Most importantly though, looking through previous projects of Gloria Höckner I am captivated by the movement textures I see.

about me:
My dancing became very important to me when I was disappointed with my first artistic studies (some 6 years ago) and I’ve found in it a way to express things that felt sudden and authentic, a way to step outside myself and inside myself in the time. I discovered no matter my mood I am able to move ‘stranger’ than most people: in a public or private setting. From then on it became central for my art practice (and life practice). I have taken classes whenever I could (gaga, BMS, contact impro, pole dance; coviddy I do gaga online daily...), though I definitely can’t say I have dance-school education -especially with (Ballett-sort-of-things), but - I have quite a natural inclination to do playfully break patterns, to complicate the erotic/gendery association, to go in trans-places. I love to exhaust myself and I dont take myself too seriously. I feel akin to Gloria Hockener’s practice, I think those abilities could prove useful :)

I am on the autism spectrum, which is kind of a new thing for me - I discovered that just few months ago. It’s a mixture of all sorts of feelings, but firstly it is energizing, reconciling, hopeful, and just fascinating. I am now very much interested in neurodiversity; how autism is undiagnosed with women and how exactly that gender bias came into place. Dancing comes very much in relation to that, as the context of stimming shines a new light on how I understand the special place of dance within other art mediums I’m engaged with and also is just the most beautiful thing to research (within my own movement, or other autistic people).

--------as i've said in the email the last week of the project comes parallel to sth else i had plannned. i decided to to try the application anyways and possibly change my plans if i would be taken into consideration.
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